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Name:Abigail Constance Hawthorne
Birthdate:Nov 4
Abigail Hawthorne was born in Salem Village (modern-day Danvers), Massachusetts on November 4, 1665, the daughter of a hardworking Puritan family. Like most of the other residents of her village, Abigail was raised with a very strict religious background by parents who expected her to learn verses from the Bible, and marry young to bear children to raise up in the very same religious beliefs. And for many years, Abigail was content with that upbringing, trusting and loving both of her parents dearly. Still, it wasn't until her early twenties that Abigail finally decided to marry. Her husband, Silas Mather, was a kind and gentle man for whom she cared very much, but the love wasn't there, nor were they able to have children, for some reason completely unknown to them in the absence of modern medicine. Only two years after their marriage, though, Abigail's husband died unexpectedly, seeming to literally drop dead without any known cause.

She remained unmarried after the loss of her husband, not out of mourning so much as out of a growing comfort with running her own household and carrying out the duties necessary to provide the things she needed. In the early 1690's, though, her entire life would change drastically. When her husband had passed away, Abigail opened up her home as a boarding house, allowing people travelling the road from Salem to Boston to stay there for the night, or as long as necessary, for a price. It was one night, well after dark, that a woman who gave her no name but "Patience" came to stay at her boarding house, explaining that she had been visiting family, and was headed back to her husband in Boston. That night, after everyone was asleep but Abigail, she and Patience sat up for quite a while talking. And in a strange twist of fate that caught Abigail entirely by surprise, after she went to bed that night, she found herself wrapped up in the arms of the mysterious Patience, experiencing a pleasure she hadn't known existed in her married life. And so it was that Patience came to explain to her that she was Kindred, of the Toreador Clan.

For nearly a year, the pair would meet clandestinely, Patience always coming under cover of darkness to Abigail's house, where the pair would share secret nights of passion, Patience always feeding from Abigail and sharing tales with her of the long life she'd led so far. One night, in the heat of one of these trysts, Abigail asked to be Embraced and become Kindred like Patience.

Only a few months after Abigail's Embrace, the mass hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials began, throwing the entire Salem area into a panic with people being accused of consorting with the devil and cursing young children. As the hysteria grew, more and more people were accused, men and women, of being involved in the occult, and Abigail would be no exception. After being Embraced, she could no longer go out in the daylight, and a neighbor, attempting to save her own life by accusing someone else, accused Abigail of witchcraft on the basis that no "good, God-fearing woman hides from the light of day, only to come out at night." This accusation was only strengthened when it was brought to the attention of the courts that Abigail's husband's death had been so sudden and unexpected -- a fact only exacerbating her situation that much more given that Silas had been the cousin of the highly respected Puritan minister, Cotton Mather.

She was sentenced to be put to death, along with other Salem women, but the day of her execution, she used her growing Kindred power to convince the guard who was to escort her to her death to let her go instead. She escaped then, making her way from Salem into Boston, where she reunited with Patience, who told everyone that Abigail was her sister, Faith.

For many years, the pair lived together, happy and able to keep their identities and their love affair a secret. But where Patience would eventually leave the City for good, Abigail remained, her powers growing as she found her way as Kindred. She would remain a resident of Boston for centuries, often changing her identity to protect the Masquerade, but never wanting to live anywhere else permanently, instead preferring to watch Boston grow more and more into the booming metropolis it would become.

She rose through the ranks of the Kindred in her City, becoming first the Toreador Primogen of Boston, then becoming the City's Prince toward the mid-1800's. She has ruled Boston's Kindred with fairness and (mostly) the support of the Clans, with the exception of a few Clan revolts over the years. While she has had many lovers, none remained with her as long as Patience. The one who came closest, however, was Benjamin Knight, whom she met in the 1910's, when he was keeping an eye on his younger brother Eric, who was delivering illegal liquor across state lines. While she and Ben never had the same relationship she'd had with Patience, given that Ben was closely tied to New York City, they remained lovers for over 70 years, until Ben became the Prince of his own City, and couldn't afford to be away enough to make frequent visits to Boston to satisfy that side of their relationship. Instead of his lover, Abigail, known fondly as Abby to those closest to her, has take more of a mentor role with Ben, teaching him everything she knows about ruling a City, and keeping a finger on the (not at all literal) pulse of the Kindred there.
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